RUBUS idaeus RASPBERRY Cascade Delight 2L Pot Grown

RUBUS idaeus RASPBERRY Cascade Delight 2L Pot Grown
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An outstanding late summer variety bred in the USA.  It is very vigorous, producing a heavy crop of large, glossy raspberries boasting an exceptionally sweet flavour.  Cascade Delight has a similar cropping season to Tulameen but the fruit is up to 20% larger and a little firmer.  The berries are large, long and conical with an excellent shelf life.  Long fruiting laterals make for easy picking.  Shows considerable resistance to raspberry root rot disease.  Cropping season: mid-July till first frosts.  Self fertile.  

Supplied in a 2L pot.

Plant 45cm (18in) apart in rows 1.2m (4ft) apart. 

Plant in a sheltered spot in a well-drained but moist, fertile soil in full sun or light shade.  

Soak the root-ball before planting.  Plant in a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball or pot.  Mix an organic soil improver and general fertiliser with the infill soil.  Water regularly until established.  

After care:
Fruit is produced on the previous year's cane.  First year cut down old canes when new shoots appear.  Cut older cane back to ground level after fruiting and tie in newly produced cane & remove tips. 

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