VITIS vinifera GRAPE VINE Vroege Van Der Laan 3L

VITIS vinifera GRAPE VINE Vroege Van Der Laan 3L
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A well established, very hardy and easy to grow white grape variety.  Will do well in all areas of the UK - particularly if placed in a sheltered sunny position.  A great choice for amateur grape enthusiasts due to its reliability.  Good all-purpose fruit, equally well suited to wine making or eating as a dessert grape.  Eventual height 4-8m (13-26ft).  Eventual spread: 2-3m (6.5-10ft).  Cropping season: August/September.  Self fertile. 

This plant is supplied in a 3L pot. 

Water thoroughly or stand in a container of water for an hour before planting.  Plant in a hole large enough to avoid disturbing the root ball.  Plant 6 inches (15cm) away from a wall, preferably south facing, in a hole 4-6 inches (10-15cm) deep.  Leave 4-5 feet between plants.  Good drainage is vital.  Tie lightly to a stake for the first month before attaching it to the wall/fence it is to be trained up. 

After Care:
In the first Spring after planting, choose one shoot to be the leader and train.  Any lateral produced from the leading shoot, should be stopped at 5 or 6 leaves, and any flowers or tendrils should be removed.  Mulch yearly with well rotted compost of manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds.  Water regularly until established.  Apply a general fertiliser. 

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