RUBUS idaeus RASPBERRY Autumn Bliss

RUBUS idaeus RASPBERRY Autumn Bliss
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A truly exceptional variety!  Without a doubt, one of the best and most reliable autumn fruiting varieties.  Bliss is a heavy cropper from late August through until the first frosts with the highest yield coming in September.  The attractive berries are large with a firm texture, and the flavour is excellent.  The fruit is mid-dark red in colour and has good keeping qualities.  The short, erect, spiny cane are sturdy and need only minimal support.  Bliss has good disease resistance to Root Rot.  Primocane variety - produces fruit on the first years growth.  An excellent British bred variety – very highly recommended.  Cropping season: late August-mid October.  Self fertile. 

As this product is bare-rooted it is available for dispatch between late October & late March.  Orders can be placed in advance at any time, just bear in mind that payment will be taken in full at time of ordering.

Plant 45cm (18in) apart in rows 1.2m (4ft) apart.  

Plant in a sheltered spot in a well-drained but moist, fertile soil in full sun or light shade.  Soak the root-ball before planting.  Plant in a hole twice the diameter of the root-ball or pot.  Mix an organic soil improver and general fertiliser with the infill soil.  Water regularly until established. 

After Care:
Fruit is produced on the current seasons cane.  Cut all cane to ground level in the winter.  Keep rows 60cm (2ft) wide by removing unwanted cane in the Spring. 

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