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About James McIntyre & Sons

Based in Perthshire, Eastern Scotland, James McIntyre & Sons have been specialising in the production of soft fruit plants for over 60 years.  We now produce over a million raspberry canes every year from 60 acres of ground located within the beautiful Strathmore valley, as well as growing other soft fruit plants on our nursery.

The soil and general ground conditions, as well as the climate in East Perthshire, combine to create the perfect growing conditions for fruit.  All our plants are grown to the highest possible standards and are ministry inspected at regular intervals during the growing season, ensuring our customers are buying top quality stock.

What We Do

We supply soft fruit and hedging plants containerised, pre-packed and bare-root to the retail and commercial horticultural markets.  Our range comprises of well established, proven varieties as well as some of the best recent introductions.  We support our retail customers by supplying plants with full colour picture labels and the option of barcoding and pre-pricing.

All our stock is delivered on pallets.  We have proved that our plants arrive in much better condition this way, not least because we use a 24hr courier service from door to door.  This ensures that our stock is in transit for as short a time as possible.

At present, there are five members of the McIntyre family actively involved in the business which also employs five full-time staff and up to thirty part-time staff during peak seasons.

Our History

James McIntyre founded the company in 1944 when he was primarily involved in fruit production and general arable farming. Already a well respected name in the local community for fruit production, he diversified in the 1960’s by propagating tomato and other vegetable plants for sale to local businesses. At the same time he moved away from producing the fruit to concentrate on raspberry cane production and it is from this that the business has developed to what it is today.