Pre-packed Range


In Brief...

  • Quality soft fruit plants neatly presented in black poly pots.
  • Ideal for Autumn/Winter sales.
  • Free-standing, low maintenance packs.
  • Minimum carriage paid order: £495
  • Minimum order: 8 outers

What You Should Know

The Pre-packed Range is our core product which we brought to the market over 25 years ago and continues to stand the test of time.

In this range, the plants are packed in compost with black poly post and come tagged with high quality swing-tag pictorial labels. The packs are free-standing and are available from October to February. This is a high-quality product and is not to be confused with a budget supermarket fruit range.

The Range Includes...

Although not as comprehensive as the Rigid Range, our Pre-packed Range still covers a wide selection of soft fruits including; Blackberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Hybridberries, Raspberries (in 5's & 10's) & rhubarb.

Our order forms provide the full range of varieties available. Buy our Rigid Range on our online store, or visit our wholesale store for larger quantities

How is it Supplied?

The bulk of the Pre-packed Range is supplied in outers of 12 packs. The only exception to this are the Raspberry 10's that come in outers of 10 packs.

The asparagus and rhubarb in this range are presented in a clear plastic blister pack accompanied with a colour label.

As with the Rigid Range, the Pre-packed Range comes to you in cardboard boxes and palletised.

Minimum Orders / Mixed Outers?

Our minimum order is just 8 outers so is achievable even for smaller retail outlets. A carriage paid order is £495, if your first order of the season is over this, all top-up orders for the rest of the season will be delivered free of charge.

You can mix the outers which allows you to create a wider range without having to take full outer quantities, there is a small charge applied for doing this, see our terms and conditions for further information.

Why not complement your order from this range by combining it with items from the Rigid Range?


We offer a free barcode and pre-pricing service upon request. Unless otherwise specified, barcoded and pre-priced labels will be attached to the rear of the large colour label.


Wholesale Customers

If you're looking to purchase any of our wholesale ranges or collections, please visit our Wholesale Shop and login to your account.

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By delivering our stock on pallets, we can get it to you in 24 hours* thereby ensuring that it arrives in tip-top condition. *excludes Highland Scotland & Northern Highland which is a 48-hour service.
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