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Browse our extensive range of fruit bushes, and canes, which are available to order in 3 Litre containers, or as bare rooted products.

Bare rooted products are dispatched between November and April and can be pre-ordered from mid-late August.  When ordering a combination of 3L and bare-root products, please note if it is out-with the bare-root season, we will hold the order until all items can be sent together.

  • Asparagus

    Asparagus (4)

    Asparagus Plants For Sale Grow your own delicious, nutritious and easy to grow asparagus plants. At James McIntyre & Sons our asparagus plants are sold in 3-litre containers or can be ordered as bare-root plants between late October and late March. Asparagus crowns are an excellent long-term and easy to grow vegetable, with the plants producing heavy yields year after…
  • Blackberries

    Blackberries (14)

    Blackberry Plants for Sale At James McIntyre & Sons we produce a superb range of delicious Blackberry plants in 3L containers, or as bare root products (depending on the time of year). All of our Blackberries are grown on our own farm in Blairgowrie, known as the 'berry capital of the UK'. Our range includes favourites such as Loch Ness,…
  • Blackcurrants

    Blackcurrants (10)

    Blackcurrant Bushes for Sale At James McIntyre & Sons we supply an excellent variety of good quality Blackcurrant Bushes in both 3 litres and as bare root plants (depending on the time of year). All of our soft fruits are grown on our East Perthshire farm in the small town of Blairgowrie. Our Blackcurrant Bushes are varied in type, from…
  • Blueberries

    Blueberries (24)

    Blueberry Plants for Sale A sweet, juicy and delicious soft fruit, our range of Blueberries are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, with our current varieties being available to order online in a 3-litre pot. A blueberry fruit bush is easy to care for and generally easy to grow. Currently, we have popular varieties such as Pink Lemonade, Brigitta, Darrow,…
  • Cranberries

    Cranberries (1)

    Cranberry Plants for Sale At James McIntyre & Sons we produce some of the finest Cranberry plants for sale in the UK. The current variety we have available is the popular Pilgrim Cranberry, which produces some of the largest & reddest types available. ReadKnown in Latin as 'Vaccinium Macrocarpon', the cranberry has a very distinct, tart flavour, and are often…
  • Gojiberries

    Gojiberries (1)

    Goji Berry Plants for Sale One of nature’s best kept secrets! Originating in the Himalayan highlands, it is thought to be one of the most powerful nutritional and anti-ageing foods. The attractive red berries have a mild, sweet liquorice flavour and contain more vitamin C than an orange! Lycium barbarum more commonly known as the Goji berry, wolfberry and boxthorn…
  • Gooseberries

    Gooseberries (7)

    Gooseberry Bushes For Sale Gooseberries (also known as Ribes uva-crispa) are a popular soft fruit plant, with the gooseberry varieties we sell coming in a number of colours. Some varieties are sweet and can be eaten fresh from the plant, while others can be very sharp. At James McIntyre, we have a number of top-quality gooseberry bush varieties for sale including…
  • Grape Vines

    Grape Vines (4)

    Grape Vines for Sale Growing your own Grapes couldn't be any easier. With our excellent range of Grape Vines for sale at James McIntyre & Sons, you can now have top quality Grape Vines delivered directly to your door. Our top quality vines are known to produce high yields of delicious grapes, with a number of varieties available such as…
  • Hedging

    Hedging (12)

    Hedging Plants for Sale Ideal for boundaries, for adding privacy to your garden, or simply for ornamental purposes, our hedging plants are a great addition to any garden. Our extensive range of hedging plants for sale come in all shapes, sizes and types, from evergreens to deciduous, purchased as bare root plants. Our most popular varieties include Acer Campestre Field…
  • Honeyberries

    Honeyberries (9)

    Honeyberry Plants for Sale The Honeyberry Plant (also known as Lonicera caerulea) is a lesser-known berry which originates from Russia and is a member of the Honeysuckle family. At James McIntyre & Sons we offer delicious Honeyberry Plants in 3 Litre containers which are well suited to UK climates, being incredibly hardy and resistant to colder temperatures. Read The dark…
  • Hybridberries

    Hybridberries (5)

    Hybrid Berries For Sale
  • Japanese Wineberries

    Japanese Wineberries (1)

    Japanese Wineberry Plants for Sale
  • Jostaberries

    Jostaberries (1)

    Jostaberry Plants for Sale
  • Kiwi

    Kiwi (1)

    Kiwi Plants For Sale
  • Patio Range

    Patio Range (9)

    Patio Range Fruit plants that are best suited to be grown in pots on your patio.
  • Pinkcurrant

    Pinkcurrant (1)

    Pinkcurrant Plants for sale
  • Raspberries

    Raspberries (41)

    Raspberry Canes for Sale At James McIntyre & Sons, we grow, produce and sell some of the finest Scottish raspberry canes in the UK. We now produce over a million raspberry canes every year from 60 acres of ground located within the beautiful town of Blairgowrie in the Strathmore Valley. We produce a wide range of raspberry plants, split into…
  • Raspberries 2L Pot Grown

    Raspberries 2L Pot Grown (3)

    Raspberries 2L Pot Grown
  • Raspberries Autumn Varieties

    Raspberries Autumn Varieties (6)

    Autumn Raspberry Plants
  • Redcurrants

    Redcurrants (6)

    Red Currant Plants for Sale
  • Rhubarb

    Rhubarb (10)

    Rhubarb Plants for Sale Our Rhubarb Plants at James McIntyre & Sons are becoming more and more popular, with our current range offering excellent variety, with 3L plants available, or bare-rooted plants available for order between late October and late March. Read We recommend that you don't harvest any stems in the first year following planting - no matter how…
  • Saskatoon Berries

    Saskatoon Berries (5)

    Saskatoon Berry Plants For Sale
  • Strawberries

    Strawberries (12)

    Strawberry Plants for Sale The variety of strawberry plants available includes the early fruiting Honeoye, late-season Symphony and the ever-popular Cambridge Favourite. ReadAll of our strawberries are available as bare rooted plants and can be ordered between late October and late March. When planting, we recommend a distance of 12-18 inches between plants and 2ft between rows. To keep your…
  • Strawberries bare root crowns

    Strawberries bare root crowns (6)

    Strawberries Bare Root Crowns
  • Strawberries potted

    Strawberries potted (6)

    Strawberries Potted
  • Sundries

    Sundries (24)

    Plant Sundries For Sale
  • Whitecurrants

    Whitecurrants (2)

    White Currant Plants for Sale