Blueberry Plants for Sale

A sweet, juicy and delicious soft fruit, our range of Blueberries are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, with our current varieties being available to order online in 3L containers. Blueberry plants are easy to care for and generally easy to grow. Currently, we have popular varieties such as Pink Lemonade, Brigitta, Darrow, Blue Crop and Gold Traube available at various times of the year.

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To get the most from your Blueberry plants, they should be grown in acidic soil, or if growing in large containers, you should use an iron-rich compost such as Ericaceous. This hardy soft fruit is easy to grow and can produce huge crops of tasty blue berries, ideal for a large number of uses.

One key factor to consider when growing your own blueberry plants is that we recommend growing 2 varieties close together, this allows the plant to grow larger fruit through cross-pollination.

Adding to the appeal of the Blueberries are the flowers which they produce, with some varieties have large white flowers in Spring, and fiery foliage in the Autumn.

Like many berries & soft fruits, Blueberries are known as a ‘superfruit’ and can provide all types of health boosts. Packed with anti-oxidants & Vitamin C, they are known to decrease signs of ageing, guard against cystitis, bladder infections & lower cholesterol.

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