Cranberry Plants for Sale

At James McIntyre & Sons we produce some of the finest Cranberry plants for sale in the UK. The current variety we have available is the popular Pilgrim Cranberry, which produces some of the largest & reddest types available.

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Known in Latin as ‘Vaccinium Macrocarpon’, the cranberry has a very distinct, tart flavour, and are often used for culinary uses such as juicing, sauces & compotes, whilst also being incredibly popular in dried form.

While originally grown in North America, they can grow very well in the British climate, with pot growing and even hanging baskets providing ways in which they can be grown successfully. They also look great as an ornamental plant and has a low growing spread which can provide excellent ground cover.

One of the key factors in their popularity is the significant health benefits they can bring and are often referred to as a ‘super fruit’. Being packed with antioxidants and nutrients, Cranberries are said to have been linked with the prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immunity functions, and lower blood pressure.

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