GRAPE VINE Suffolk Red 3L


A superb seedless red grape variety that is suitable for eating straight from the vine or making into wine.

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VITIS vinifera GRAPEVINE Suffolk Red 3L

Despite sounding traditionally English, Suffolk Red originates from the US, but is ideally suited to growing in the UK climate. Produces open and rounded bunches of bright red fruits that have soft skins and a refreshing, sweet, juicy flavour that make it ideal for both fresh eating and wine-making. If growing outdoors (only in Southern parts of the UK), it prefers a sheltered spot in a south facing position – ideally against a wall which will suit it’s natural climbing habit. In more Northern areas, it is best grown in an unheated greenhouse. Provides an ornamental feature in autumn with a fabulous display of colour when conditions are right. As with all ‘seedless’ varieties, it can occasionally produce seeded fruits if the vine has been stressed.

    • Height & Spread: up to 8m in the right conditions.
    • Crops: September/October.
    • Planting distance: 1m apart and 15cm away from the wall/fence it is to be trained up.


This product is supplied in a 3 litre pot.

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