RASPBERRY Autumn Chef 3L


Very stable and upright growing primocane raspberry that can be grown without support.  Large, very uniform, conical fruits with a light red colour and excellent taste.

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RUBUS idaeus RASPBERRY Autumn Chef 3L

Autumn Chef® is currently the best tasting, large fruiting autumn raspberry from the Lubera® breeding programme; the large conical fruits weigh up to 5g and are shiny light red in colour. Essentially an autumn fruiting variety, but what makes Autumn Chef® so special is its pronounced summer harvesting ability. It can produce a large and, above all, qualitatively excellent early harvest in June on last year’s canes. One of the few varieties that stores well in the fridge (for 2-3 days) and freezes very well. Will require support during the Autumn harvest as the canes sag under the weight of the fruit produced.

  • Cropping season – August – October & June
  • Height & Spread – 2m x 40cm
  • Planting distance – 45cm

Pot grown plant supplied in a 3L pot.