BLACKBERRY Triple Crown 3L


Navaho is a productive mid-season variety with an upright growth habit. High yielding with a prolonged picking season.

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RUBUS fruticosus BLACKBERRY Triple Crown 3L

Triple Crown is a semi-erect, virtually thornless blackberry cultivar rightfully named for its three crowning attributes – flavour, productivity and vigour. Very heavy-bearing, setting fresh new berries every day for a full month in most climates. The attractive glossy black fruits are large and pleasantly firm with a rich strong juicy sweet flavour. The fruit ripens later than most other blackberries so it is an excellent variety for extending the blackberry season. Best grown against a fence or wall for support in well-drained but moist, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade.

Cropping season: late August-September

Eventual height & spread: 2m (6ft) x 1m (3ft)

Plant 3m (10ft) apart

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