A mid-season semi dwarf variety reaching maximum height of 2-3ft making it ideal for compact gardens or container growing.  It has a highly branched compact habit and is the only variety to be totally self-fertile.

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Duke is the most widely planted early ripening northern variety, a vigorous and highly productive variety with a bushy upright growth and attractive oval shaped leaves. Heavy, consistent yield with an attractive, light blue, high quality berry. The fruit is firm and has a good crunch when eaten fresh and freezes well. Duke blooms late but ripens early which protects the blossoms from spring frosts. Branches may droop to the ground when laden with fruit and require the use a simple trellis as support. Stunning red/gold foliage in the autumn. Plant in an open sunny spot in a moist acid, but well-drained soil.  Can also be successfully grown in pots with ericaceous compost.

Plant 1.5m (5ft) apart in rows 2m (6ft) apart.

Eventual height & spread: 2m x 1m

Cropping season: late June/July

This plant is supplied in a 3L pot but may not be pot grown.



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