COTONEASTER simonsii Himalayan Cotoneaster


Semi-evergreen hedge with small glossy, dark green leaves, some turning red in autumn and winter. Produces small white flowers, tinged pink in June which attract a range of bees & other insects, they are followed by attractive orange-red berries in autumn.



Himalayan Cotoneaster

As it’s common name suggests, Cotoneaster simonsii originates from the Himalayas and as such, can withstand cold weather and will retain most of its leaves in all but the harshest of winters.  A semi evergreen, upright hedging plant, with small dense green leaves – some of which turn bright red in autumn providing a warm seasonal glow.  In June it produces a profusion of white/pink flowers that are very attractive to bees.  The flowers are then followed by bright red, large berries in Autumn which stay on the plant for a long time.  Can be pruned into a neat, formal hedge.  Prefers a sunny site with normal, well-drained soil.

These plants are approximately 12-18 inches (30-50cm) in length.

As this product is bare-rooted it is available for dispatch between late October & late March. Orders can be placed in advance at any time, just bear in mind that payment will be taken in full at time of ordering.

Plant 10 inches (25cm) apart.


Water thorougly before planting. Dig a hole @ 20″ wider (50cm) wider than the diameter of the root ball. Plant with the old soil mark just visible above the surface. Mix the infill soil with a general purpose fertiliser & gently firm around the plant. Water in well & in the case of a dry spell, regular watering is essential for a newly planted hedge to survive.

After Care:

Encourage the hedge plants to send out side shoots by trimming back the leaders. Apply a slow release fertiliser the full length of the hedge. Annually apply a thick layer of mulch either after watering or when the ground is moist.

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