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Our Rigid Range

In Brief

  • Without doubt, our top-selling range!
  • A range of quality soft fruit plants in attractive green 3L & 4L containers.
  • Superb presentation in deep pots with a large colour label.
  • Selling season extended throughout the summer months.
  • Minimum carriage paid delivery £495
  • Minimum order: 96 pots

What you should know

We supply the plants in this range for 12 months of the year. At certain times of the year, there are items that are not available, but we always have a good range in stock at any given time.

Pot-grown plants will be supplied wherever possible.

This is always the case during the late spring and throughout the summer and into the early autumn, but during the autumn and winter months, the bulk of the stock tends to be freshly potted. The raspberry canes sold in 5’s & 10’s are always fresh potted.

Stock availability in this range is constantly changing and we would recommend that you sign up to receive our weekly availability list to ensure that you are kept up to date.

The Range Includes…

The Rigid Range is a comprehensive selection of soft fruit consisting of a minimum of 15 different fruits including blueberries, cranberries, gojiberries & honeyberries, as well as a core selection of blackcurrants, hybridberries, raspberries (in 5’s & 10’s), rhubarb and more!

Our order forms provide the full range of varieties available. Buy our Rigid Range on our online store, or visit our wholesale store for larger quantities

How is it Supplied?

The Rigid Range is supplied in outers of 6 plants.

Across the range, all plants come in either 3L or 4L deep pots. This superb presentation is set off with a large colour label.

The plants come packaged in cardboard boxes and palletised.

In the late spring/summer months, the plants are delivered on wooden stillages to maintain the freshness of the stock.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order for wholesale is just 108 plants, so is achievable for even the smallest retail outfit.

A carriage paid order is £495.  If your first order of the season is over this, all top-up orders for the rest of the season will be delivered free of charge.  Our season runs from September to August annually.


We offer a free barcode and pre-pricing service upon request. Unless otherwise specified, barcoded and pre-priced labels will be attached to the rear of the large colour label.

Wholesale Customers

If you’re looking to purchase any of our wholesale ranges or collections, please visit our Wholesale Shop and login to your account.

If you don’t already have a wholesale account then you can register your business here.


By delivering our stock on pallets, we can get it to you in 24 hours* thereby ensuring that it arrives in tip-top condition. *excludes Highland Scotland & Northern Highland which is a 48-hour service.